A Little About Me

I'm a creative problem solver working at the intersection of human empathy and marketing technology. I create meaningful user experiences lifecycle communications through marketing automation, email, sms, and web channels.

I'm data-driven and agile and all that, but mostly I just want to create helpful and meaningful digital interactions for users and simple, impactful, and efficient martech processes for my co-workers. I'm happiest when solving problems.

What I tell my mom I do:
Making nice looking emails that help brands stay in touch with their audience.

What I do when I'm not working
Knitting, hiking or walking, reading, listening to podcasts, playing with other people's kids and/or dogs, thinking about how the way we design the world around us impacts the choices that are possible for us to make, and trying to have the most real and honest interactions I can with the people around me.

My Skills

I love to learn new things, and am always trying to add to this list.

Languages: HTML/CSS, Liquid, Handlebars, and other templating languages

Platforms: Braze, Eloqua, Responsys, Mailchimp, Hubspot, but always learning more!

Channels: Email, Web, SMS, In-app

Design tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Litmus, Parcel

Other stuff: Email best practices, Google Analytics, Wordpress, Adobe AEM, project management, and a little front-end development (like this website that I rebuild from scratch every few years to keep my skills updated.)

A Brief Work History


CRM Manager


I led CRM marketing channels for a B2B2C vintage marketplace startup. I identified opportunities to grow our audience and increase loyalty through email, sms, and in-app messaging.

What I learned:How to do a lot quickly with few resources, how to implement Braze, and how to build dashboards in Google Analytics.

Tech Stack: Braze, Google Analytics, Shopify, Parcel, BigQuery, Asana


Email Marketing & Automation Technologist

Booz Allen Hamilton

I owned the marketing automation platform for corporate affairs of a Fortune 500 government contractor (B2B/B2G), and was the subject matter expert on all things email marketing.

What I learned: How to manage small teams and vendors, how to integrate tools across channels to be more effective, and the importance of explaining the impact of my work.

Tech Stack: Eloqua, Adobe Experience Manager, Tableau, Litmus, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, HTML/CSS


Email Strategist

Revolution Messaging

In a scrappy agency setting, I wrote, design, code, and test email fundraising campaigns for political and non-profit clients. Also dabbled in paid digital ads.

What I learned:A lot about personalization and A/B testing, and that I love talking and teaching about email best practices.

Tech Stack: BlueStateDigital, HTML/CSS, Twig, Google Sheets, ActBlue


Email Designer & Developer

Fire Mountain Gems

This is where my email journey started! I started off as a designer, but quickly moved into being an email developer for a medium-size B2C ecommerce jewelry supply company.

What I learned: how to do an ESP migration and implementation, how to be agile, and how to create a career path for myself through a growth mindset.

Tech Stack: Responsys, ReturnPath, HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver, Adobe Analytics, Litmus, Photoshop, Illustrator

Thanks for visiting my website. I am currently available for new projects, such as:

CRM/ESP Migrations
Coding Email Templates
CRM Management
Email Strategy
List Hygiene
Marketing Automation